More Than One Childrens' Party

"A Work In Progress"

Our HEALTHY HARTED KIDS program has teamed up with the Anna Terruwe Museum to become its youth program.  This providential relationship will allow HEALTHY HARTED KIDS to assist in celebrating birthdays and other special occasions for Stronger Life Kids Club members.

Due to the significant number of inquiries as to whether or not HEALTHY HARTED KIDS will sponsor any upcoming talks or seminars, our first conference is being planned.  Stay in touch to receive our update.

Caring For The Emotional Life Of Kids
A Planned Conference




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Drawing New Scenes Related to the Emotional Wellbeing Series of Story Books

Suggested Art Project

Imagine life events that cause emotional reactions in your heart or the hearts of others you know.  Draw a picture of one event at a time, each on a separate piece of paper.  Then show each picture you draw to a family member and figure out what emotions you see!  If you wish, take a photo of your favorite drawing, and EMAIL it to be considered for display in the HEALTHY HARTED KIDS place --when it opens-- of the Anna Terruwe Museum.

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Coloring with the Flowers and Animals in the Emotional Wellbeing Series

Suggested Art Project

Pick a flower or an animal you see in a book of the Series.  Copy it with a pencil, crayon, or magic marker onto a large piece of paper.  This time, feel free to choose your own colors for coloring in your flower or animal.  Remember you can add a colored background scene of your own taste!  If you want, snap a photograph of your colored flower or animal picture, and EMAIL it to be considered for exhibit in the HEALTHY HARTED KIDS part --when it opens-- of the Anna Terruwe Museum.

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Building Houses and Buildings featured in the Emotional Wellbeing Series

Suggested Craft Project

Pick your favorite house or building in the one of the Series books.  Construct a model or diorama of it using cardboard, construction paper, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, paper towel rolls, egg cartons, fabric swatches, cotton balls, Q-tips, straws, beads, wooden thread spools, string, pieces of colored plastic, plastic bubble wrap, styrofoam, rubber bands, tape, glitter glue, sequence, colored pencils, paper cups, paper plates, coffee stirrers, wood chips, . . .  Remember you can freely use your imagination (with your parent's permission :) and make your structure as simple or as fancy as you'd like.  And, you may EMAIL a photo of your model or diorama for consideration in the HEALTHY HARTED KIDS section --when it opens-- of the Anna Terruwe Museum.

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Greeting Cardmaking & Design

Suggested Craft Project

Today, start making your own thank you, friendship, and photo cards based on the characters in the Emotional Wellbeing Series.  Feel free to make use of colored paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, stickers, buttons, lace, yarn, ribbon, bows, stamps, stencils, appliques, felt, press flowers, scissors, glue, colored pencils, markers, and your FULL imagination!

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