Our Mission At The Healthy Harted Kids Program

Healthy Harted Kids is a program of the House Of Hope International, an organization dedicated to increasing personal and relational virtue in children, families, parishes, and religious communities.  The Healthy Harted Kids mission is educational. It is aimed primarily at emotional growth and health in service of greater virtue.  The goal is "healthy hearted" children, and ultimately, a stronger life of the human heart for loving self, others, and God with excellence.  

The target age group is Middle School children, especially boys and girls aged 8 through 12.

Our Volunteer Professional Staff  &  Traditional Sources Of Inspiration

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About The Main Characters In Our Emotional Wellbeing Series  Of Kid Books

There is a great deal of confusion today about what human emotional life is like and how it operates, not only in children but in adults as well.  Confusion affects things at home.  It affects things in school.  It affects things at work. 

The main story book characters in the Emotional Wellbeing Series by Denise Marie Mari, Ph.D. and Lynn Marie Knapke, M.A. have been developed according to the wisdom and teachings of Catholic medical doctor, professor, and counselor Dr. Anna Terruwe.  Her extensive knowledge base about child emotional development is a gift to parents, children and families from all walks of life.  This website and its contents are a memorial to Dr. Anna's life and works.


Where are the emotions located in a human child or adult?

Emotions are located in the ___________.  (See Book #1 in the Emotional Wellbeing Series.)

Are there really only 5 emotions?

Actually, no.  There are ______ emotions.  (See Book #1 in the Emotional Wellbeing Series.)

What is the difference between "feelings" and "emotions"?

Feelings are ________, and emotions are __________.  (Find out when you join the Stronger Life Kids Club.)

Are all emotions bad to have?

No.  Please watch our video on the "Tools" page to begin learning about our wonderful life of emotions.

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Healthy Harted Kids At The Anna Terruwe Museum 

The HEALTHY HARTED KIDS program has a special place at the Anna Terruwe Museum, the only existing museum dedicated to the life and works of Dr. Anna Terruwe who provides the inspiration for the program.  Children of all ages are welcome to come to the Museum to participate in unique HEALTHY HARTED KIDS events and learning activities.  Kids can also visit the Museum to learn about the younger brother of Dr. Anna, the priest Fr. Jean Terruwe, who had and revealed a special love for youth during his exciting lifetime.  The HEALTHY HARTED KIDS museum exhibit is dedicated to this incredible brother-sister team of Dr. Anna and Fr. Jean for all their collected years of cherishing and supporting children.

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