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Kids' "Emotional Wellbeing" Teaching, Coloring-Activity & Paper Doll Books

Often parents, teachers, and families admit they can sometimes be at a loss to explain the nature of different emotions to their kids or students. They want to do their best to contribute to the healthy unfolding and balancing of emotions in the growing children they care for. Health professionals Dr. Denise Marie Mari and Lynn Marie Knapke, M.A. have written WISDOM ON THE LIFE OF EMOTIONS as BOOK #1 of a teaching series of Christian story books to improve child growth and health.  The aim of this Emotional Wellbeing Series is to provide child development guidance in service of strong and healthy hearted kids.  Lynn Knapke and Dr. Mari have also authored the LIVELY HART LAND Cartoon Coloring Book for complimentary learning experiences.  A paper doll book is under construction for the further benefit of interested boys and girls  :)

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Emotional Health Music For Downloading

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Emotional Growth Toys & Accessories For Boys & Girls

Fourteen inch "Companion Dolls," "Show Puppets," and doll furnishings are under construction by talented and handy members of religious orders :)

Stronger Life Tees For HEALTHY HARTED KIDS To Wear

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Under construction

Teacher's Guide Book To "Emotional Wellbeing" & HEALTHY HARTED KIDS

The writing of this Guide for teachers, leaders of PTA and education facilitators is in progress.   In the meanwhile, please feel free to visit for purposes of your lesson or presentation planning.

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Stronger Life Keychain For HEALTHY HARTED KIDS

Under construction

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